Useful Knowledge

Where do I Start?

1. Browse our extensive range of products.

2. Once you have determined the products you would like to purchase, you can either purchase a sample or begin private labelling the product.

3. If you choose to private label the product a minimum order quantity of 5 units is required. Prior to adding the product to your cart you will be required to design your labels and upload the file. This will allow the Cellular Cosmetics team to print your design and attach it to your packaging.

4. Once your order is received the Cellular Comsetics team will begin formulating your products, labelling them and ship them to you once complete!

What's the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity for custom branded products is 5. There is no minimum order quantity for Sample products.

Who can order from Cellular Cosmetics?

Anyone! Cellular Cosmetics extends its' services to eveyone. No experience or qualifications are required to purchase products from Cellular Cosmetics.

What are my shipping options?

All orders are shipped via express shipping in order to minimise the amount of time the products are in transit. In some instances, Cellular Cosmetics will arrange a local drop-off if the ETA by the courier is deemed unacceptable.

Can I sample the products?

Yes, customers can order samples of each product. No minimum order quantity applies!

Are there discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, discounts automatically apply to bulk orders at check out. The following discounts apply,

5% off orders over 50 units

10% off orders over 100 units

15% off orders over 150 units

20% off orders over 200 units

How do I design my labels?

Prior to adding a product to your cart you will be able to design your labels from scratch. Watch this video for more information.

How long until I receive my order?

The time an order takes depends on the order quantity.

1 - 50 Products = 1 - 5 Business Days

50 - 200 Products = 4 - 8 Business Days

200 - 500 Products = 6 - 10 Business Days

500 + Products = 12+ Business Days

These times are only estimates, often the time taken for Cellular Cosmetics to complete an order is much sooner than this. These times are subject to ingredient availability.

Are returns accepted?

Yes, Cellular Cosmetics accepts returns as long as the situation complies with the returns, refunds and replacement policy.

Can orders be placed without labels?

Yes. If labels are not required, Cellular Cosmetics can ship the products without labels. Please refer to relevant cosmetic labelling guidelines and laws.

Can I provide my own labels?

Yes. Cellular Cosmetics will accept labels from their customers. Contact Cellular Cosmetics for the required label dimensions.

Can I call Cellular Cosmetics?

Yes! The contact number is +61432268774. Alternatively you can contact Cellular Cosmetics via email ( or the contact us website page.

Can I change the ingredients in the products?

Yes, you can alter (add or remove) the ingredients in our products. Enquire now!

Can I visit Cellular Cosmetics?

Cellular Cosmetics does not permit on site visitors.

Does Cellular Cosmetics conduct PET & stability testing?

Cellular Cosmetics does not routinely conduct PET & stability testing. Despite this, if you require either of these tests to be conducted on your products our team can facilitate this process.

What are the payment terms?

100% of the order amount is required prior to the production of the order.

What's included in the pricing?

In relation to the private label products, The price paid includes the product development, packaging, labels & GST. Therefore, no hidden costs will arise during your dealing with Cellular Cosmetics.

What is the shelf life of Cellular Cosmetic products?

The shelf life of all the products is 12 months after opening.

Can I supply my own packaging?

Yes, you can supply your own packaging. In some instances it may be more appropriate for Cellular Cosmetics to provide the products to you in bulk. From there, you will be bale to repackaging & fill your packaging independently. Please enquire for further information.

How many doses do each bottle contain?

The 30 mL & 50 mL silver airless bottles dispense approximately 0.21 mL each pump. Therefore, the 30 mL silver airless bottle will allow 143 pumps/uses & the 50 mL silver airless bottle will allow 238 pumps/uses. The 30 mL white airless bottle dispenses approximately 0.23 mL each pump. Therefore, the 30 mL white airless bottle will allow 130 pumps/uses. The 50 mL white airless bottle dispenses approximately 1 mL each pump. Therefore, the 50 mL white airless bottle will allow 50 pumps/uses.

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