What's Private Label Skin Care?

So what's private label skincare? Put simply, private label skin care is an industry where consumers can work with a cosmetic manufacturer (such as Cellular Cosmetics) to take a pre-existing product that's already established, and market it under their own brand, with their own logo and business details. So if you're interested in using our private label skincare service you would purchase one of our products, pick the packaging, design the label and resell the products as your own. 

Private label skincare is popular among beauticians, spa owners, entrepreneurs and influencers who seek to promote their brand, business and name whilst also generating a new source of income. The pros of using private label skin care as appose to mass scale cosmetic contract manufacturing is lower MOQ and startup fees. The downside is there is less room for creativity to alter the products, packaging and overall look. Despite this, industry leading private label skin care companies such asCellular Cosmetics allow the customisation of packaging, scents, and labels.


Contacts Cellular Cosmetics now to learn more about Private label Skin Care and where you should start!

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